InfiniteKey Technology Is Built
On A Solid Foundation

low energy sensor

Bluetooth Low Energy sensors, integrated into a product.

Mobile Phone SDK

Mobile phone SDK, communicating with the BLE sensors.

cloud services

Cloud back-end services, managing credential creation, distribution, and revocation.

This Foundation Delivers An
Unparalleled User Expedience

accurate technology


Identity is authenticated and access to products and services is authorized depending upon the criteria established for that user and their microlocation relative to the system.

reliable technology


InfiniteKey works in environments without an Internet connection and is robust in all situations, even while making a hands-free call from your phone at the same time you expect it to perform as a key.

efficient technology


InfiniteKey requires very little mobile phone power, preserving battery and processor for other tasks, while also being designed to minimize power required in the product itself (vehicle, door lock, etc).

secure technology


Security is designed throughout the entire system — end-to-end — using state-of-the-art cryptography, security techniques, and practices. InfiniteKey technology enables identity authentication without exposing it.

passive technology


Most important to the user experience is that no action is required by the key holder to relay credentials. No tapping, pointing or app launching required – just have the the phone on his or her person or personal affects (purse, briefcase, backpack) and let it do its work.

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