Access Economy

How the User Experience Distinguishes
Leaders in the Access Economy

We’ve been sharing cars, clothing, living space, and equipment for centuries. Now, advancements in technology and an increased focused on efficiency and economy is driving an evolution of shared, on-demand services known collectively as the “access economy.”

At the heart of the access economy is the reality that consumers, especially the growing millennium population, are more satisfied

when they get what they want, where they want it, and when they want it—rather than having to buy a product outright and be burdened by the associated ownership responsibilities.

This holds particularly true for purchases such as cars, vacation homes, offices, boats, and even bicycles—all of which can be easily “accessed” in a very collaborative manner.

A positive customer experience is often inhibited by cumbersome lock boxes and layers of access codes.

Not So With InfiniteKey

paak access

Enhancing Trust with Authentication

The access economy is built on mutual trust between the person providing “access” and the person desiring “access.” This trust is based primarily on the reputation of both parties, determined from accumulated feedback and ratings. What is lacking in this trust system, especially at the point of access, is a secure, seamless way of providing access to a user. InfiniteKey technology will provide that authentication.

A PWC study from 2014 found that, “There’s one big potential sticking point: for the sharing economy to continue to expand, the players within it will need to find ways to authenticate the identity of consumers . . . Identifying, and upholding, quality and trust metrics will be critical to success in this evolving model”.


At the same time authentication at the point of access is lacking, the user experience at the point of access is random, and often mediocre or worse. For all the time and attention put into the cloud technology and web and mobile UI to curate the best possible brand experience, there is equally little time put into the technology to provide a seamless, secure, yet passive experience at the point of actual access.


Using microlocation technology with accuracy measured in inches, coupled with secure authorization creation, management, and distribution, the InfiniteKey PaaK solution will help the access economy tackle both authentication of identity and user experience at the point of physical access.

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