About InfiniteKey

InfiniteKey is building industry-leading Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) microlocation and passive Phone-as-a-Key technologies that enable products and services to provide new classes of user experience by accurately, securely, and privately determining the relative location of phones, or other BLE-enabled devices, to within inches, without compromising phone usability or battery life. InfiniteKey technology will turn micro-located phones into the key to controlling, interacting with, and enabling many products and services of the sharing economy.


Kevin Virta

Kevin spent the last 10 years as a business leader in the cloud connected software industry. At Crayon Interface, an early pioneer on the leading edge of connected home and auto technology, he built the business relationships that led to the first ever internet-connected door lock accessible from a mobile app. Seeing the long -term value for their Schlage & Trane brands, Ingersoll Rand acquired the connected home business from Crayon Interface in 2010, at which point Kevin joined SpinDance, which acquired the connected vehicle business. Kevin leveraged the connected vehicle assets to help SpinDance land a connected vehicle program with Ford. While at SpinDance Kevin also helped a variety of companies realize their connected product goals, ranging in industries from home appliances to weather monitoring to model trains.

Kevin brings valuable expertise in start-up and early-stage business leadership and management. His experience includes raising capital, talent acquisition, go-to-market strategy, vendor and strategic partner development, channel development, sales, and financial modeling.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Western Michigan University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Memphis.

Eric Smith

Eric is perfectly suited to lead technology at InfiniteKey. His career started GE aviation, where he helped design and build avionic systems responsible for keeping planes in the air, giving him a deep understanding of embedded, real-time systems. At Apple, he was led a team responsible for iOS kernel development, which provided him a strong appreciation for managing phone resources efficiently for the user. Eric gained his knowledge on robust, scalable, secure cloud services and BLE while leading the engineering team at SpinDance.

Eric has an unrelenting passion for quality and for seeking the simplest, most elegant solutions that meet design goals. Eric is an engineer with an eye for design and a love for building the highest-quality products. He has designed systems with custom hardware and software spanning from the factory floor to the user, from bare-metal embedded, to cloud, to web, to mobile, and to desktop applications.

Eric holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering from Kettering University, as well as a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from Michigan State University.

Mike Stitt

Mike is an engineer’s engineer who is at his best when applying himself to the most difficult problem space, which is why he loves to work on the challenge of microlocating phones. Mike has been building software products and teams for over 25 years. He learned, and honed, his trade at GE Aviation where he spent 19 years before moving to Consolidated Resource Imaging (CRI) to become their Chief Technologist in 2008. At CRI Mike grew the engineering team 7 fold and helped CRI win, and deliver on, large government defense contracts.

Mike’s curiosity, and love of building and learning, has allowed his career to wander from embedded software, to custom micro-coded communication engines, to custom chip design, to circuit board design, to system engineering of aircraft power generation and cooling systems, to mobile application development, to engineering business development, to building great engineering teams, to defining the technical strategy and partnership approach for a big-data, wide-area, gigapixel imaging startup, and more.

Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, specializing in Computer Engineering, from the University of Michigan.

Mike Ellis

Mike is a software business veteran who strives to empower teams to be innovative and put quality in everything they do. Prior to InfiniteKey, Mike also founded two different types of software companies and has managed the development and launch of over eight software products. Mike has both technical and management experience accumulated during previous roles in software development, project management, and product management. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Hope College and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Michigan.

Mike is a leader that values a workplace where people collaborate, earn their success, and grow in their profession. He strives to empower the team to do innovative things, achieve design excellence, and put quality in everything they do. Although he leaves the coding to others these days, he enjoys being part of a passionate and talented team of software engineers.

When Mike isn’t working, he can be found spending time with his family or serving at his church.

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