Your Keys to the Access Economy

The trend of collaborative consumption is here and growing rapidly. Our on-demand, energy conscious world is changing from one of ownership to one of access to assets. According to industry experts, the access economy currently has 20 companies valued at more than a billion dollars, with more than 60,000 employees and $15 billion in funding.

InfiniteKey is delivering Phone-as-a-Key (PaaK) technology that will enhance the consumer experience and fuel additional growth for companies directly or indirectly entering Access Economy markets.

Phone-as-a-Key (PaaK) Will
Unlock Value For Your Products.

InfiniteKey uses microlocation technology to turn the mobile phone into a key for just about anything. While most other microlocation technology companies are measuring accuracy in meters, InfiniteKey is measuring accuracy in inches, especially around at a boundary – inside a vehicle versus outside.

With this type of precision, InfiniteKey technology can be applied to ‘unlock’ environments, products, services, or unique features.

Using InfiniteKey you can . . .

  • Use your phone as a passive vehicle key, mirroring the functionality of passive key fobs.
  • Open doors to homes that stay securely locked once inside.
  • Grant access to shared desks or conferences rooms in an open office.

All of this is done in a passive fashion, allowing the user to leave their phone in their pocket, purse or jacket.

InfiniteKey’s cloud based key management service provides credential creation, configuration, distribution, and revocation.

Security is designed into the entire system, with all components working together in concert to provide an exceptional user experience that is confidential, private, and secure.

The applications are endless. Get in touch with us to talk about how you can integrate InfiniteKey technology with your product.

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